2021 Holiday Shopping Trends: The Rise of Constant Commerce

If we’ve learned anything about the impact of the global pandemic on trends, it’s that we should expect the unexpected. According to data from Adobe1, customers spent about $8.9 billion online on Black Friday, the first noted decrease on the juggernaut shopping day since Adobe first began reporting e-commerce data in 2012. 

The difference maker? Research found that while spending was down on Black Friday, overall activity during the month of November was up. Consumers are now participating in a constant commerce pattern. Gone are the peaks and valleys in the ecommerce environment. Now consumers are shopping constantly and consistently online. 

With the shift in demand and consumer behavior, here are a few things to consider: 

Your Shipping and Return Experience 

COVID-19 has changed consumer expectations for their retail experience. The shopping experience should be seamless from ordering, to shipping, to processing returns. Hitting a delay in any of these crucial steps could affect your customer loyalty and online reputation. What does your return process look like? Is it integrated with your shipping? How do you reintegrate products back into your supply chain? 

The Strain of a Constant Peak

Outdated systems can no longer handle the demand of modern commerce. With the new environment, companies are under the strain of a constant peak. The result is a strain on our workforce to maintain the supply for an overbearing demand. Warehouse automation using adaptable AI-powered robotics can simplify your supply chain and allow you to be more efficient. At Ambi, we create robots with human-centered design. In other words, we’re in the business of helping people work smarter, faster, and safer with the use of AI robotics. 

AmbiSort is a configurable, AI-powered robotic sorting system that handles millions of unique parcels on day-one. AmbiSort can sort boxes, polybags, and envelopes from bulk input flow (chutes, totes, and bins) into destination containers (mail sacks, totes) over 50% faster than manual labor.

AmbiKit is an AI-powered multi-robot kitting system that rapidly builds unique kits from any item set. Both allow you to do what you do best, even better. 

Overall, the trends we are seeing in the ecommerce environment paint a bright future for retailers. With more people shopping online, you have the opportunity to reach a greater audience than ever before. But the important lies in streamlining your process, and making sure you’re open for business, however it arrives. 

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