Ambisort A-Series

AI-powered robotic small parcel sorting to the last-mile

Effortless to integrate.
Easy to scale.

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  • Bin-fed
  • Conveyor-fed
A modular system designed to easily integrate with your existing operations to accept parcels via rolling bin.
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A dynamic conveyor-fed automated induction system, easily configurable to increase sorting capacity with legacy operations.
Over 25% more sorts per hour
AmbiSort A-Series AI-powered robotic parcel sorting robot with Conveyor-fed automated induction

AI-powered. Human operated.

  • Autonomous piece picking
  • Intelligent item manipulation
  • Intuitive operations
  • Human-centric design

Configurable by design

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How it works

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Technology that delivers

Sim2Real AI
  • Ambi Robotics Inc. - tech-dayone
    Ready to start sorting

    10,000 times faster training means our robots are ready to go — right from day one.

  • Ambi Robotics Inc. - tech-adaptableai
    Adaptable AI

    Modular hardware allows for flexible configurations for various package material flows.

  • Ambi Robotics Inc. - tech-learning
    Continuous learning

    Over time processes are analyzed and optimized using image, video, timing, and performance data.

  • Ambi Robotics Inc. - tech-qa
    Item analysis

    Collect data on parcel dimensioning and material identification.

  • Ambi Robotics Inc. - ASeries_QualityControl_Icon05
    Quality control

    Prevent double picks with vision-based analysis.

  • Ambi Robotics Inc. - tech-notification
    Smart notifications

    Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time notifications for proactive problem-solving.

Built to commercialize at scale

We provide AI-powered robotic solutions for sorting challenges that help you optimize your warehouse operations for maximum efficiency.

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Ambisort B-Series


Modular parcel induction and sorting system
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