Ambi Robotics and Pitney Bowes sign $23 million expansion

Ambi Robotics, the creator of the AmbiSort robotic sorting solution, and Pitney Bowes, a global shipping and mailing company, signed a $23 million expansion deal. Pitney Bowes will make the investment over the next four years in Robot as a Service (RaaS) fees. 

Pitney Bowes opted for the expansion after using Ambi’s robots in its Stockton, California ecommerce hub. There, AmbiSort systems were able to keep up with the 2021 peak holiday season and nearly doubled the throughput for parcel sortation to local direct delivery hubs. 

Before implementing AmbiSort, Pitney Bowes employees would pick, place and pack items with a manual putwall. Now, one operator can oversee up to four automated putwalls. This allows the worker to oversee the organization of up to four times as many packages.