Ambidextrous Robots Drive Productivity During 2020 Peak To Meet Surges

With a 32.3% surge in peak e-commerce sales over 20191 global brands looked to Ambidextrous for scalable piece-picking solutions to meet the increasing demand for online order fulfillment. The onset of COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of AI-powered robots, with heightened attention to workplace safety and the consumer shift to online shopping. The surge in order fulfillment volume led to the industry’s need for hundreds of thousands of temporary workers, new postal surcharges, and delayed delivery times, impacting customer satisfaction.

One customer experienced a 40% year-over-year increase in volume and looked to Ambidextrous piece-picking robots to sort packages. With a holiday peak season that exceeded $188B in online sales, AI-powered robotic systems were deployed in 3 days to augment the repetitive pick and pack motions in order fulfillment. Already embedded in its mission to advance the workplace condition, Ambidextrous AI-powered robots tripled accuracy and increased throughput by 50%.

As we continue into 2021, the rise in e-commerce order fulfillment continues to increase as Ambidextrous piece-picking systems are sorting nearly 10% more orders each month. Specialized in parcel sortation and e-commerce kitting, our team remains committed to supporting our customers in production and fulfilling orders with enhanced productivity during these unprecedented surges in volume.

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