Interns of Ambi Robotics, Summer 2023

Interns of Ambi at Ambi Robotics HQ

At Ambi Robotics, we are fueled by curiosity – the curiosity to venture beyond our comfort zones, to ask inquisitive questions, and to think outside of the box. Our internship program is one of many ways we foster this environment of continuous learning. Through cross-functional experiences, our interns are empowered to explore all aspects of the organization while collaborating and leading projects to solve real-world problems for our customers.

The future looks bright as we welcome a group of exceptional individuals who have joined Ambi Robotics for an unforgettable summer. We are proud to introduce our Summer 2023 intern cohort, a talented group of future leaders – fueled with curiosity, new ideas, and enthusiasm as they join our mission to empower people to handle more, all with the use of AI-powered robotics.

Meet our Summer Talent!

Catherine Pollard is a Mechanical Engineering Intern from Hudson, Massachusetts. She is currently studying  Mechanical Engineering and Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University. Catherine’s fun fact is that she has been using the same TI-30X IIS calculator for six years, since her freshman year of high school. She can successfully type on it with her eyes closed!

Samson Hua is a Product Management Intern and he is from Calgary, Alberta. He is currently in his last year at the University of Calgary, where he studies Mechanical Engineering and Operations Management. Samson can type extremely fast, averaging between 160 to 200 words per minute!

Victor Zhang is a Mechanical Engineering Intern from Toronto, Canada. He is currently studying Mechatronics at Western University. Sky’s the limit for Victor. He loves to build his own drones and even pilots them himself!

Giovanni Giacalone is a Robotics Software Engineering intern from Southern California. He is currently studying Robotics Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Giovanni has been participating in robotics competitions since early high school, helping him discover his passion and desire to pursue a career in robotics engineering.

Julia Wheeler, also known as Jules, is a Marketing Programs Intern from Berkeley, CA. She currently studies Communications and Consumer Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Most people don’t know that she has lived in four different countries: England, USA, France, and Australia! 

Get to know our go-getters:

1: What drew you to Ambi Robotics?

Samson: One thing that I’m very passionate about is robotics. And one really good use case is how we can use robotics to empower people to use it as a tool to create productivity, to create innovation, and to change the way that we handle parcels in the logistics industry.

Jules: I was super impressed with Ambi’s robots because I used to work in a warehouse. I was doing very similar tasks to what our robots are trained to do. So that immediately stood out to me, especially the fact that Ambi always reinforces this idea of empowering humans in their workplace and their responsibilities.

2: Which project or task are you most looking forward to working on during your internship at Ambi Robotics?

Catherine: One of my tasks is more on the packaging side, and the other is on the robot itself. My main project is redesigning one part of the robot, which is the gripper. My task is to 3D print different versions of the gripper so that we can fit the hoses through the wrist, and also try to shorten the overall height of the gripper.

Samson: One of my favorite projects so far has been helping out with the latest product release update of AmbiOS. Right now, we’re currently in the process of installing more AmbiSort systems. I think what makes it especially fun is being able to take a bit of lead and initiative in that project, and being able to execute that plan on how we’re going to be rolling out the latest update for AmbiOS.

Victor: One thing I’m really excited about is to be able to build things that go on the actual robot itself. I’m working on the electrical cabinets and bringing it to, essentially, a full model. And that just means having everything in the computer and making sure that our Bill of Materials matches what we have physically.

Giovanni: Currently, I’m working on increasing the speed and the efficiency of one of the policies that helps us to place really large droopy poly bags. So I’m working on making the policy that comes and places it gently onto the buffer a little bit faster. We’re hoping to cut the average time in half.

Jules: One thing I’m really looking forward to is rolling out a program designed for our end-users, “Robot Operators.” Ambi Robotics is on a mission to empower people to handle more and this program will drive transformational change across warehouse operations. This trailblazing program will enable Ambi Robotics to spread awareness about the benefits that our robots can offer to improve the working conditions and increase employee retention across our customer base. That’s all I can say for now, but stay tuned for more!

3: What do you like most about your team?

Catherine:  What I love most about working on both the hardware engineering team and the overall team that is Ambi Robotics, is what we like to call “Ambi Magic”, which is the the overall energy that is cultivated by having so many people who are genuinely positive, purpose-driven, interested in their work, and excited to be here every day.

Giovanni:  What I love most about my team is how passionate everyone is and how excited they are to have me here and to be here themselves. Everyone is super kind and the excitement and passion is contagious.

4: What does it mean to handle more?

Samson: How I personally see handling more is being able to help companies meet the  growing demand of last-mile delivery by utilizing technology, specifically in robotics, AI, and machine learning to serve as a tool for humans. To handle more means to change the way we manage mundane warehouse tasks with the help of robots to increase productivity and innovation.

Jules: At Ambi Robotics, we believe robots work hard, so humans can work smart. Whether this means transitioning from a parcel handler role to being a robot operator and increasing individual throughput, we believe that it’s really important to go beyond the tech. As a team, we rally around our mission to empower warehouse workers to handle more. This is a very optimistic phrase and so we’re super excited to see our tagline “Handle More” come to life within the four walls of the warehouse…and beyond.

Your journey awaits

At the heart of Ambi beats the spirit of innovation and curiosity, and our interns bring a vibrant energy and fresh perspectives, elevating our team to new heights and inspiring us all with their passion and dedication. We are thrilled to have them on board, and we can’t wait to see everything they will accomplish this summer!

Don’t want to miss out next summer? We invite you to download our Internship overview below and explore the different types of internships we have to offer. Stay tuned and follow us on LinkedIn for more information about future and current opportunities!