Our team brings a wealth of experience, from top UC Berkeley researchers to Fortune 50 business leaders. Together, we are ambidextrous, and we make intelligent tech for tough, everyday problems.

Ambi Robotics Team


At Ambi Robotics, the work we do goes beyond building good tech. For us, it’s about creating tools for people to solve real-world problems.

We’re here to solve the supply chain’s most complex problems, helping people handle more than ever before with the help of AI robotics.


Humans and robots are best when collaborating

Robots are complex tools that exist to amplify human capability.

Robots do well in the 3Ds:
Dirty, Dull, and Dangerous

A robot’s help can reduce the risk of putting humans in harm’s way.

Empathy for Customers and Users comes first

We listen, we adapt, and we push the boundaries of AI and robotics to ensure our customers are the best in their industry.


  • Launched in 2019 by world experts in robotic grasping from UC Berkeley’s Dex-Net Project to simplify logistics with adaptable AI-powered systems.
  • We are dedicated to helping our customers scale their operations and build better workspaces, with adaptable, human-centered robots that can scale to meet the rising demand of ecommerce.
  • AmbiOS enables adaptable automation across a fragmented warehousing and logistics industry.
    Our software is not limited by the need for human tele-operators, and can be deployed rapidly on any hardware system.


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