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Ambi Robotics Named 2024 RBR50 Innovation Award Winner

BERKELEY, Calif. – April 16, 2024 –  Ambi Robotics, the leader in AI-powered sorting solutions for supply chain operations, today announced that it has been named a 2024 RBR50 Innovation Award Winner in the Technology, Product, and Services category for the introduction of AmbiSort B-Series with new capabilities powered by AmbiOS.

The RBR50 Innovation Awards have recognized the most innovative and influential organizations in the robotics industry for over a decade. The Robot Report selected Ambi Robotics for its advancements in AI-powered robotic sorting solutions with the introduction of AmbiSort B-Series.

“Innovation, at its core, is all about solving problems – and the entire Ambi team is honored to be recognized for our commitment to solving customers’ challenges with the introduction of AmbiSort B-Series,” says Jim Liefer, CEO at Ambi Robotics. “The AmbiSort B-Series solution demonstrates the powerful capabilities of our fast, flexible, and reliable sorting solutions. This recognition is a testament to the dedication of our entire team who continue to leverage and learn from our nationwide fleet of robotic deployments, enabling customers to access the latest innovations in AI-powered robotic systems that empower their teams to handle more.”

The AmbiSort B-Series tackles the challenge of slow and labor-intensive sorting in middle-mile sorting operations. By leveraging the latest advancements in AI and robotic dexterity, the system empowers human associates to handle over 300% more throughput, effectively eliminating the physical strain of manual sorting. This award recognition highlights Ambi Robotics’ commitment to developing solutions that streamline operations and empower human workers within warehouse sorting operations.

The Core: AmbiOS and Sim2Real AI Training

At the heart of AmbiSort B-Series lies AmbiOS, Ambi Robotics’ operating system that utilizes Sim2Real AI to improve robot dexterity dramatically. This innovative approach significantly cuts training time, allowing robots to autonomously pick and pack a wide variety of items from day one.

The Innovation: AmbiSort B-Series

Following another successful peak season in 2022, Ambi Robotics expanded its AmbiSort product line by introducing AmbiSort B-Series. This new product marks the company’s entry into automated induction, middle-mile sortation, and reverse logistics. The AmbiSort B-Series is designed to be the most modular sorting solution available. It goes beyond simple piece-picking tasks to handle the entire end-to-end sorting process. Customers can configure the system to their needs, seamlessly integrating features such as automated induction, AI-powered conveyor sortation, item manipulation, and accurate placement into the final output destination. Whether used for induction only, reverse logistics, sort-to-carrier applications, zone skipping, or final-mile sortation, AmbiSort B-Series offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

About Ambi Robotics

Ambi Robotics is an artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics company developing advanced solutions that scale ecommerce operations to meet demand while empowering humans to handle more. The company’s industry-leading AI operating system, AmbiOS, leverages proprietary simulation-to-reality (Sim2Real) technology to operate highly-dexterous robotic systems. Founded in 2018, the world’s top roboticists, AI researchers, and leading business professionals work together to build the supply chain’s most valued systems. The company is located in Berkeley, Calif. For more information, please visit