Ambi Robotics releases Ambikit, a new kitting robot system

Ambi Robotics  introduces AmbiKit, a new multi-robot kitting solution that is designed to package “kits” . The automated solution uses artificial intelligence to learn how to identify and pick up items out of bulk storage and singulate them for the kitting operation. The company claims that their robots are trained 10,000x faster than alternatives.

The new kitting system includes a five-robot picking line, currently deployed to augment the pick and place tasks associated with one of today’s fastest growing ecommerce opportunities: online subscription boxes.

“Retailers and global ecommerce brands are operating in a year-round ‘peak’ season,” says Jim Liefer, CEO of Ambi Robotics. “In order for high-growth brands to fulfill online orders, companies are deploying AI-powered robotic systems to increase resilience in the supply chain. AmbiKit can immediately improve efficiency by deploying into existing workflows and successfully pick and place millions of unique items from day one.”