Introducing AmbiSort B-Series

Ambi Robotics rolled out a major update to the website this week and introduced the new AmbiSort B-Series solution. The new B-Series features sort-to-gaylord workflow and the system can be configured for any number of sorting stations as required to achieve a customer’s desired throughput.

With AmbiOS and Sim2Real simulation software, the system can be programmed and updated without a physical robot workstation. Ambi Robotics is leading the market with its simulation-first technology. In a simulation, throughput can be tested and evaluated, enabling decisions about the capacity of any configuration of a workstation.

The AmbiSort B-Series solution is built around the AmbiSort bin-picking capabilities that the company introduced with the A-Series. An industrial robot, an overhead vision system, and AI-driven perception software are combined to locate and remove randomly organized boxes in a wheeled bin. The B-Series can service up to two bin-picking stations that are manually positioned by a human associate.

simulation snapshot of the ambi robotics bin picking station.

With Ambi Robotics B-Series, industrial robots leverage overhead cameras and AI to pick from a randomly organized bin of boxes or parcels.

New Sort-to-Gaylord option

The new Sort-to-Gaylord solution is designed for distribution centers where boxes of items need to be further sorted into Gaylord containers before distribution to other sites.

The number of Gayload sorting stations is configurable depending on the required throughput of the system. The Gaylord containers are accessible by either a manually driven forklift or an autonomous pallet mover.

simulation of a sort to gaylord conveyor belt.

AmbiSort B-Series includes new sort-to-Gaylord output solution.