My Journey To Ambi: Emily Lin

👋 Meet, Emily Lin

Emily Lin has always had an innate ability to think outside the box, drive innovation, and come up with novel solutions to complex problems. In her early childhood, Emily had dreams of becoming a tooth fairy. Fast forward to today and she is  pushing the boundaries of imagination in the world of software. 

From Canines to Coding ➡ ‍🐶 ➡ 👩‍💻

“When I was a kid, I remember wanting to be the tooth fairy so badly. A few years later, I decided I wanted to become a vet because I love dogs. Now, I am coding and building software to guide Robot Operators to successfully work alongside our advanced sorting systems.”

Emily is notably creative and intuitive, responsible for building the user-interfaces for AmbiSort AI-powered parcel sorting systems. Although unable to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a tooth fairy, Emily’s work at Ambi Robotics is focused on designing  a positive human-experience for warehouse workers around the world. 

Emily grew up in Ventura, California, and graduated from UCLA  in 2019 with a degree in mathematics. During her time in undergrad, she immersed herself in mathematical and technical research. 

“While in school, I also worked at an insurance company as an actuarial intern so I did a lot of data analysis, math, pricing, and I used a lot of SQL. I really liked the technical part of that work, such as running and filtering the data basis.”

It was in this role that Emily realized her passion for software. Following graduation, Emily took a job at an IT consulting firm as a full stack developer where she had the opportunity to frequently travel within the United States, as well as Puerto Rico. 

“I really enjoy traveling, so it was definitely a perk of my last job given that it was all remote. However, because of this, I never got to know my manager, or even see his face because no one ever turned on their cameras.”

She Got Her (Software) Wings 🦋

In her role today, Emily collaborates with the software and product teams to design human-centric user-interfaces for advanced warehouse sorting systems

“As a front end developer, my job is to focus on the user experience, and to ensure that there isn’t any difficulty or confusion when people interact with our dashboard and portal. I’m sure we’ve all seen and interacted with messy apps that are difficult to navigate or constantly making us ask questions like ‘where’s this button’ or ‘how do I get to the page I want’  to the point of us not wanting to use the app anymore.”

Ambi Robotics is committed to implementing human-centric designs to increase supply chain efficiency, and to alleviate the strain on warehouse workers. This commitment is seen throughout our systems; from configurable hardware solutions, to our  state-of-the-art operating system, AmbiOS. 

“Our technology benefits hundreds of warehouse workers, soon to be many more. Hauling huge boxes and manually sorting packages can cause a ton of injuries in the field, and this is where Ambi Robotics comes in. Ambi helps empower people because it provides better jobs for a better quality of life at work, so as I’m creating these designs, I always try to put myself in the position of these workers and ask myself “what would I like to see and do in this app””.

Learning Is A Treat 🦴

When Emily isn’t training the office dogs to roll-over and shake, she is fueling her passion to learn. At Ambi Robotics, we encourage our team to leverage our most valued asset, our people. 

“I’m always super impressed with everyone’s skills and knowledge. When I first started working at Ambi, I didn’t know the framework that was used, so I’m currently focusing on expanding my knowledge of its functionalities. I do this by watching tutorials and hopping onto calls with other brilliant team members. I really enjoy jumping into projects that I’m not too familiar with. With any developer or software engineer role, there’s always going to be a lot to learn, such as frameworks, but that’s what I enjoy most about my job.”

Find Your Pack 🐕

Looking back, Emily has learned a lot since undergrad, especially when it comes to searching for a job. 

“Since I majored in math, there are definitely times where I wish I was a CS major instead because most of what I do is learning by myself, especially at my last job. But if I were to give any advice, I would say to not worry too much about getting any job, but rather focus on what you want in a company, especially in regards to culture. Compared to pay, the ranking of the company, or even the title of the position, many tend to overlook culture which I personally value the most. Coming into Ambi, I see people work hard because they care about the work and they care about the product, not because of the promotion. People are just way more passionate about what they do. They’re not staying late at night because they want to look good for the boss. It’s because they are determined to get their work done, and they are genuinely interested in it.”