Remove friction. Delight workers.
Drive value for shareowners.

We sort. You deliver.

  • Enhanced Efficiency
    Get more out of your investment with 4x increased individual associate throughput and lower cost per sort.
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  • Sort any parcel on day 1
    Powered by breakthrough Sim2Real AI, sorting solutions arrive pre-trained and ready to sort millions of mixed parcel types, at high-speeds, from day one.
    Ambi Robotics Inc. - ABM2023_LP_UPS_On day 1
  • Scale with demand
    Adaptable AI and modular hardware enables us to fit into existing facilities and adapt to your diverse sorting needs, without any downtime.
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Ambi Robotics Inc. - ABM2023_LP_UPS_On day 1
Ambi Robotics Inc. - ABM2023_LP_UPS_Scale on Demand

Solutions that are better, not bigger

Increase capacity and efficiency while controlling costs. Our solutions combine adaptable AI and modular robotic hardware to enable flexible, scalable solutions that integrate into your existing warehouse operations, without any operational downtime.
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    More Speed
    Boost your productivity and your sorting operations with throughput speeds exceeding 1,200 sorts per hour.
  • Ambi Robotics Inc. - ABM2023_LP_UPS_More Flexibility
    More Flexibility
    Add capacity in your existing operations without any operational downtime. Scale to meet parcel demand, year-round.
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    More Safety
    Reduce noise and physical strain for employees, while boosting productivity and throughput over 400% per associate.


How you win.

We go the extra-mile to know our customers and solve their parcel sorting challenges. Jim Liefer, CEO of Ambi Robotics has walked in your shoes during his tenure at UPS as VP of Technology. Hear his conversation on our approach to Collaborative Innovation with Pitney Bowes and learn how we help our customers win.

Together, we have the power to make an impact

We make being a customer first, people led, and innovation driven operation easier for you. Our team of solutions experts are ready to help you reach your goals.
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