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AI-powered robotic kitting solutions

Automated ecommerce order fulfillment offers many benefits

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99% complete kit rate, reducing re-works and returns
Ecommerce kitting and piece-picking solution for kitting


12 kits per minute for rapid and predictable production.
AmbiKit AI-Powered Robotic Kitting Solution from Ambi Robotics


Zero training time for changeover or new items, ready for all your pick and pack needs on day-one.

Technology that delivers

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    Ready on day one

    10,000 times faster training, mean our robots are ready to go — right from day one

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    Adaptable AI

    Modular hardware allows for flexible configurations to various package material flows

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    Continuous learning

    Over time, performance is enhanced using image, video, timing, and performance data

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    Item analysis

    Collect data on parcel dimensioning and material identification

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    Quality control

    Prevent double picks with vision-based analysis

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    Smart notifications

    Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time notifications for proactive problem-solving

How it works

Ecommerce kitting and piece-picking solution for kitting
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