Ambi Robotics Achieves Unmatched Autonomous Sorting Speeds with NVIDIA GPUs and Accelerated Computing

In 2023, Ambi Robotics scaled its fleet of AI-powered parcel sorting robots, installing them in warehouse facilities across more than 15 US states. The fleet is now sorting over 1 million packages per week, yielding valuable data for continuous learning and technology improvements. This resulted in exceeding throughput commitments among the company’s commercial shipping partners

Ambi Robotics’ notable progress is not a solitary feat. It has collaborated with  NVIDIA to propel the robotics industry to new heights, speeding up parcel-sorting robots across real-world supply chain operations using state-of-the-art advancements in simulation-to-reality (Sim2Real) learning, generative AI, and robotic dexterity.

Meeting the Need for Speed: Ambi Robotics’ Continuous Learning Pipeline 

To make use of the vast amounts of data from production, Ambi Robotics has a continuous learning pipeline behind each robotic deployment, a game-changer that relies on NVIDIA accelerated computing, to drive the autonomous machines to even greater speeds over time using specialized AI that understands how to manipulate the physical world. 

This iterative learning process allows robots to learn from their real-world experiences and adapt to dynamic environments, not only performing tasks faster, but also increasing reliability, range, and accuracy. Picture a robotic workforce evolving and enhancing its capabilities, much like a seasoned associate, but at a “superhuman” accelerated pace where each robot is simultaneously learning from the experience of all other robots.

NVIDIA : Empowering the Robotics Revolution

NVIDIA GPUs, including the NVIDIA RTX A6000 and Quadro RTX 4000,  serve as the backbone of Ambi Robotics’ machine learning progress. Ambi leverages NVIDIA accelerated computing for both inference at the edge, where they are used to make real-time robot planning decisions, and in the cloud, where data from the fleet of robots is used to continuously improve the accuracy and efficiency of shared AI models, including generative AI. 

This collaboration aligns with Ambi Robotics’ vision for innovating the future of supply chain operations.

A Faster Future with Ambi Robotics

The continuous learning pipeline, fueled by NVIDIA accelerated computing, is the driving force behind Ambi Robotics’ sorting systems, catapulting them into a league of their own. The robotics revolution is unfolding, and with Ambi Robotics and NVIDIA at the forefront of innovation, the future promises to be faster, smarter, and more efficient than ever.