Jim Liefer, CEO of Ambi Robotics with AmbiSort

The 2022 Supply Chain: Prioritizing People, Customers, Technology

The 2022 Supply Chain: Prioritizing People, Customers, Technology
Ambi Robotics co-founders and CEO

Logistics Robotics Startup Ambi Raises $26M

This latest round will go toward scaling both the systems and the team of humans that build them, and deploying additional units.
Ambikit ai-powered ecommerce kitting system

Ambi Robotics releases Ambikit, a new kitting robot system

The new five-robot picking line is deployed to augment the pick and place tasks associated with ecommerce subscription services

Blog Posts

Ambi Robotics Engineers working on AmbiSort
How Robots are Bringing Big Data to the Warehouse
Robots are providing a real-time, scalable solution for the current pipeline demands, and laying the groundwork for a more efficient future.
Warehouse robotics piece-picking holiday peak demand
2021 Holiday Shopping Trends: The Rise of Constant Commerce
Research found that while spending was down on Black Friday, overall activity during the month of November was up. Consumers are now participating in a constant commerce pattern.
Preparing for Peak Holiday with AmbiSort
Here Come the Holidays: Preparing For Peak Season
An easy solution to keep everything running smoothly? Automation.

Press Releases

Ambi Robotics Announces $26 Million Series A Funding Led By Tiger Global

New round of funding will boost deployments of AI-powered sorting robots to supply chain customers

Ambi Robotics Partners with KEYENCE to Increase Scanning Speed For AI-Powered Parcel Sorting Robots

KEYENCE code reader SR-5000 integrates with AmbiSort AI-powered robots to increase sorting speeds for global shippers

Ambi Robotics Transforms Ecommerce with New AI-Powered Multi-Robot Kitting System

New AmbiKit system drives supply chain resilience for next-generation ecommerce