Ambi Robotics Optimizes Sorting Operations with AmbiAccess

AmbiAccess, a cloud-based business intelligence tool from Ambi Robotics, helps customers maximize their Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) investment. AmbiAccess optimizes operations and maximizes efficiency with superior fleet management and real-time analytics for global shippers and logistics organizations.

“We built the AmbiAccess platform with a suite of operation-enhancing applications to make our customers’ lives easier,” explains Ambi Robotics co-founder and CTO Jeff Mahler. “This new customer portal goes beyond data visibility, with comprehensive insights and advanced analytics that leverage historical data and trends. Now our customers can better understand the performance of their entire fleet, compare KPIs between facilities and regions, and access real-time analytics from any device.”

As companies deploy AI-powered robotic sorting systems across their networks, the AmbiAccess platform simplifies fleet management. On-demand access to data-driven business intelligence helps customers understand their operations. Customers may view real-time robot fleet performance, advanced analytics reports, actionable insights, the system’s knowledge library, and 24/7 customer assistance in one spot. Real-time data records productivity, system utilization, item analysis, and proactive insights to identify potential issues.

“AmbiAccess opens the doors to a more efficient and sustainable supply chain,” says Ambi Robotics VP of Operations Stephen McKinley. “This new platform demonstrates the impact of our AI-powered robotic sorting systems and allows our customers to gain an even greater competitive edge in the market.”

AmbiAccess automates throughput, sort plans, exception items, and operational effectiveness. Customers can compare system, facility, and regional trends and metrics. The cloud-based platform lets warehouse managers and operations executives view metrics from anywhere.