Ambi Robotics Wins RBR50 Innovation Award For AmbiSort B-Series

Ambi Robotics released its AmbiSort B-Series in 2023, an updated version of its flagship robot with some impressive new features. With robots deployed across the U.S. in over a dozen states, and running through the entire 2022 peak holiday season, Berkeley, Calif.-based Ambi Robotics was able to use the extensive real-world data it gathered to add new capabilities to AmbiSort.

AmbiSort B-Series is the company’s entry into automated induction, middle-mile sortation, and reverse logistics. The new sort-to-gaylord system can handle up to 1,200 sorts per hour. In addition, it can be used in various use cases, such as reverse logistics, zone skipping, and AI-vision quality control, making it one of the more configurable systems available in today’s market.

This new system is built around the AmbiSort bin-picking capabilities the company introduced with its previous A-Series robot. It includes an industrial robot, an overhead vision system, and AI-driven perception software.

All of Ambi Robotics’ systems run on its proprietary operating system, AmbiOS. This system teaches robots in simulation and transfers its deep neural network advancements to physical world systems thanks to breakthroughs in Sim2Real technology.

The company makes its system even more robust with AmbiAccess. This platform comes with a suite of operation-enhancing applications to make customers’ lives easier. This new customer portal doesn’t just provide data visibility; it gives customers comprehensive insights and advanced analytics and leverages historical data and trends.

Ambi Robotics’ AmbiSort B-Series builds on the company’s already successful system to provide customers with more flexibility, more capabilities, and a better understanding of their current operations.