Ambi Robotics co-founders and CEO

Logistics Robotics Startup Ambi Raises $26M

This latest round will go toward scaling both the systems and the team of humans that build them, and deploying additional units.
Ambikit ai-powered ecommerce kitting system

Ambi Robotics releases Ambikit, a new kitting robot system

The new five-robot picking line is deployed to augment the pick and place tasks associated with ecommerce subscription services
Ambi Robotics Parcel Sorting Gripper

Pitney Bowes (PBI) Set to Utilize AmbiSort Robotic System

Pitney Bowes to Deploy Ambi Robotics AI-Powered Robots throughout US hubs to Support Global Ecommerce Network
AmbiSort parcel sorting system

Ambi Robotics selects DWFritz to manufacture AI-powered robotic systems

Ambi Robotics and DWFritz partner to build custom robotic solutions for Ambi Robotics’ supply chain customers.
RBR50 Innovation Award, Ambi Robotics

Ambi Robotics Named 2021 RBR50 Innovation Award Winner

Robotics Business Review has named Ambi Robotics a 2021 RBR50 Innovation Award winner
AmbiSort pick and pack parcel

Power Grab

Startup Ambi Robotics is building and deploying AmbiSort, an enclosed, industrial robot. “Our robots don’t dance,” Liefer said. “But they work.”
AmbiKit smart robot arm picking various sized objects

Big Box Robots

There was a decent-sized round for Ambi Robotics, which is also using the opportunity to come out of stealth. Founded by UC Berkeley professor…
AmbiSort pick and pack parcel sorting robotic system

This Robot Could Help Fulfill Your Online Shopping Sprees

Ambi Robotics is using years of research in robot manipulation to teach machines how to get a grip. The secret? Giving them suction cups for fingers.
New York Times article

In the Future, Warehouse Robots Will Learn on Their Own

The robot was perched over a bin filled with random objects, from a box of instant oatmeal to a small toy shark. This two-armed automaton did not recognize any of this stuff, but..

Exclusive: This is the Most Dexterous Robot Ever Created

The most nimble-fingered machine yet shows how machine learning can teach robots to recognize and pick up different types of objects, a skill that could…
Science Robotics article

Learning Ambidextrous Robot Grasping Policies

Universal picking (UP), or reliable robot grasping of a diverse range of novel objects from heaps, is a grand challenge for e-commerce order fulfillment, manufacturing, inspection.